26/04/2013 – Nimbuzz domains have been hacked

Today, Friday (26/04/2013)

Nimbuzz sites got hacked by an Iranian called Sourena.

Not sure if it’s just defacing the index pages, or he has managed to “write” to the server.

If he really could manage to write to the server, then it wouldn’t be a surprise if he got access to the users database.. If so, then all accounts are in danger, and you all should change your passwords as soon as Nimbuzz recovers.

UPDATE: According to one of Nimbuzz admins, the database couldn’t be accessed from where the hack took place.. Therefore, your passwords are safe, no need to change it.

List of hacked domains as mentioned in Sourena’s facebook page:





Hopefully Nimbuzz improve their security after this matter.

Ultimate Zero


13 comments to 26/04/2013 – Nimbuzz domains have been hacked

  • Mindless Dude  says:

    And don’t forget guys, change your passwords after the sites start functioning normally again.
    i don’t think that’s necessary because only the domains have been defaced not the database.

    • Ultimate Zero  says:

      If the hacker was able to “read” from the NWorld files, then he possibly has the database info too. And if he also got “write” access, he would upload a shell and retrieve the database.

  • danial  says:

    sourena is a irany girl :-)
    im very happy becuse im irani
    iranian bax is very nice hackers in the world
    iranian hacked yahoo ,comming soon

    • Ultimate Zero  says:

      But the facebook page says male, not female..
      And yea Iranian hackers are nice indeed.

  • Navid  says:

    Iranian flag is up :lol:

  • Ultimate Zero  says:

    Post updated.

  • Antivirus=@n.c  says:

    Heyyyii……i’ve joined dis site to stay connected wid ultimate zero nd his frnz………Hav a gr8 day budddies.

  • Dani  says:

    Ye that name is male

  • !-r0(k~$tar-!  says:

    Nimbuzz is Still Vunerable Website It Is xss Vunerable 40 Errors Found while Scaning

  • !-R0(K~$TAR-!  says:

    Nimbuzzz Updated Again Now Nimbuzz Is 100% safe From EveryWhere before some days i have talked too one of the nimbuzz employee he told that its btter you change your ids password because not sure hacker waas having acess of datbase or not thanks ultimate for starting this topic………

    • PKISI  says:

      thanks for sharing your info with us and lets see till when its safe :D

  • rk  says:

    hmm gossip are aroud about nimbuzz lol

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