Farkle bot – A game bot for Nimbuzz and other servers (open source)

So here’s the source code of my Farkle bot that I was hosting before.

The game idea came to me from the Facebook game Farkle

You can try to play it there first to get the basics (easier than trying to understand it by text-only)

Created in Python and tested on Windows (Python 2.7) and Linux (Python 2.7)

The rest of information are in the READ ME file.

Link: http://buzzatom.com/uploads/Farkle1.0.zip

Please let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions.



7 comments to Farkle bot – A game bot for Nimbuzz and other servers (open source)

  • autho  says:

    Does this game bot enter the nimbuzz chatroom???

    • Ultimate Zero  says:

      No, but I’m planning to make a room version of it.
      But first I need the users feedback.

  • autho  says:

    Okey bro
    We are waiting farkle chatroom game-bot with antikick and much more features.

  • marsh  says:

    Error while opening ” couldn’t find pyasn1 module,SSL certificate could not be verified” I have no clue and I can’t figure out how to play with this bot. Need a brief simple instruction please.

    • Ultimate Zero  says:

      As far as I remember, this is just a warning, not an error, the bot should run fine.
      Try playing the Facebook version of this game (link in the post) and you will get it.
      All instructions are in the READ ME file.

  • sheeshnag@n.c  says:

    hmmm realy nice bro
    just 1 one thing plz when we play in multiply mode we unable to join lobby can u give some idea plz ?

  • killer  says:

    python2.7 Farkle1.0/farklebot.py
Error while trying to open the configuration file, please replace `farkleconfig.txt
` file with `farkleconfig.txt.sample` file and re-enter your details correctly
Loaded the database
Traceback (most recent call last):
 File “Farkle1.0/farklebot.py”, line 53, in 
 HOST = Host
NameError: name ‘Host’ is not defined
[root@catz botfk]# dir$$hhh$$$
bash: dir735hhh735$: command not found
[root@catz botfk]# yum groupinstall “Development tools”$

    how to replace :|

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